The faculty of information and computer science encompasses five departments: theoretical information science, computing and program systems, computer networks, discrete analysis, and information and network technologies.

1) The department of theoretical information science focuses on the research in the field of fundamental tasks of modern information science, telecommunications, and new approaches to database organization. The department is responsible for teaching a cycle of fundamental disciplines underlying the education of a modern specialist in the field of information technologies.

2) The department of computing and program systems was created in 1981 as a department of applied information science and computer architectures. Today, the professors of the department specialize in teaching disciplines associated mostly with programming.

3) The department of computer networks was created in 1986 as a department of data processing systems. The department specializes in conducting research in the field of neural network issues, dynamic systems, and mathematic modeling.

4) The department of discrete analysis created at the faculty of information science in March 1988 is engaged in successful research and teaching in the field of applied mathematics and discrete tasks complexity theory as well as in teaching disciplines associated with mathematics.

5) The department of information and network technologies created in the university in 1993 as a department of optimization and information technologies is largely responsible for training in applied information science at the faculty. The department has specialists in the field of applied information science, statistics, and economics.