Student Scientific Association

To involve the students in the scientific activity, the faculty includes the Student Scientific Association that is an organizer or co-organizer of events regarding a comprehensive range of IT themes and that offers the students participating in the project activity. The Student Scientific Association of the Information and Computer Science Faculty of P. G. Demidov Yaroslavl State University was created in 2016. Its goal is to involve the participants in studying science and taking part in competitions, conferences and other academic events. SSA is governed by the SSA Council that has 19 members; the SSA chairman is A. Chuvilina. With the participation of SSA for the Faculty of Information and Computer Science, as well as for other faculties, excursions to such companies as Tensor, Industrial Power Units and IIDF and trips to Skolkovo were organized. SSA is actively involved in organizing of significant IT events in Yaroslavl, such as: CFD IT-START start-up schools, Yappi Days Advanced Reality events, IT-Region exhibitions and the VI International Forum of Young Entrepreneurs that is called Strategy.Mission.Prospect-2016.

As a result of the work of SSA the machine learning class has opened within the faculty; the head of it is an assistant of the Theoretical Computer Science Department, M. Karyaeva. The activity of the class is aimed at acquainting the students with the bases of the artificial intelligence that is one of the most perspective and most popular fields now. Through the work of the class the elaborated study program, that due to cooperation with the Akvilon Company has transformed to a workshop called Yappi Days Loves Machine Learning targeted at a wider audience, was created. The result of it is an academic event, where everyone is able to listen to lectures and the workshops participants can demonstrate everything they have learned.

Also, one of the most important SSA directions is organization of the project activity within the faculty, in the framework of which the students have already started to develop their own IT projects involving professors of the faculty for getting some technical advice. The first results of the project activity are expected by 2017.

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