7 february 2017
Excursion to IPU

The students of P.G. Demidov Yaroslavl State University have a unique opportunity to take part in a new interesting excursion.
IPU (Industrial Power Units) is a largest Russian company that specializes in the development and production of equipment based on diesel engines.

The IPU Company opens up the doors of one of its plants in Krasniy Bor especially for the students.

The excursion will be held in the morning on 7 February 2017. The excursion will include the visit of the plant (assembly workshop) and communication with the representatives of the company. Shuttle services to the venue will be arranged.

The participants of the excursion will rapidly receive more detailed information. Hurry up to sign up for it! The number of participants is limited.

20 december 2016
Advanced Reality in Chinese Pilot Jao Da Art Café
Chinese Pilot Jao Da Art Club, 7 Krestiansky Proezd

We are glad to announce that we are starting out the registration on the most interesting event of this December!

We invite you to take part in the meetup dedicated to augmented and virtual reality technologies and game dev.

Examples on the base of Unity 3D apps for Holo Lens and virtual reality for Oculus Rift will be demonstrated. Our friends from One Dream Studio will tell you about their achievements in multiple game dev competitions and in the sphere as a whole.

You can also take part in drawings and get prizes and gifts from the sponsors.

Date: 20 December 2016
Time: 17:45
Place: Chinese Pilot Jao Da Art Club, 7 Krestiansky Proezd
Registration Link:

12 december 2016
Hour of Code in Yaroslavl
office of Tensor, 36 Uglicheskaya

If you study at the 9th-11th class, do not miss the chance to participate in such global event!
Code Hour, a special event within the framework of the global action, will be held in the modern office of Tensor (in conjunction with P.G. Demidov Yaroslavl State University) at 16:30 on 12 December.

  • you will know what modern computer science is and how one of the leaders of the Russian IT market works;
  • you will take part in one of the master classes and solve an interesting task together with your friends;
  • we will be glad to see you even if you are not so good at programming but want to learn how to do it!

To take part in the event sign up on the site or call 8-980-702-77-11

10 december 2016
Machine Learning Meetup
B.N. Delaunay Laboratory (3 Komsomolskaya St.)

We invite you to participate in the machine learning meetup that will take place on 10 December! We are encouraging you to make up teams (no more than 2-3 members, preferably) and choose a mentor and a project topic that you will rapidly decide to present in the final of our marathon on 10 December.

Also, on Saturday, Yevgeny Grigorenko, a "newly-fledged" technical evangelist of Microsoft, will come here from Moscow. He will tell us about his long experience in Machine Learning problem solutions in the medical field.

Date: 10 December 2016
Place: B.N. Delaunay Laboratory, 3 Komsomolskaya St.
Time: from 14:00
Registration link:

12 november 2016 –
10 december 2016
Machine Learning Course and Hackathon in Yappi Days Format
B.N. Delaunay Laboratory (3 Komsomolskaya St.)

In conjunction with the Akvelon Company, the Student Scientific Association of the Information and Computer Science Faculty invites you to sign up for the machine learning course organized in the Yappi Days format.
You also can join an introductory machine learning class within the course. During classes the emphasis is on practice that will prepare the students for applying their theoretical knowledge.

The course is organized for both beginners and students who are already familiar with machine learning but who are still ready to renew their knowledge and develop. The participants taking the full course and fulfilling all the tasks will obtain a certificate.

The concluding event of the course will be a hackathon on machine learning, in the framework of which the participants will be offered to implement the data analysis project and to get a high-level expert judgment.
It is a unique opportunity to learn about basic methods of problem solutions related to machine learning, to implement the first projects and to become one of the trailblazers in this field in the region.

All announcements and news:
Registration form:
The course will take place from 12 November to 7 December 2016

Class time:
Wednesday: 19:00-21:00, computer room
Saturday: 13:00-15:00, conference room
Address: B.N. Delaunay Laboratory, 3  Komsomolskaya St.

The hackathon will take place in B.N. Delaunay Laboratory (3 Komsomolskaya St.) on 10 December.

The participation in the course and the hackathon is free due to the compulsory and preliminary registration.

Registration form:
Final registration is on 11 November, 12:00

31 october 2016
Excursion to Tensor
office of Tensor, 36 Uglicheskaya

The Tensor Company again opens up its doors for the students of P.G. Demidov Yaroslavl State University!

On 31 October you will have an opportunity to acquaint with the activity of the large Russian company specializing in information technology. You will see real working environment and have excursion to the office.

Date: 31 October, 18:15
Place: office of Tensor, 36 Uglicheskaya
Sign up for the excursion via Google Forms. Hurry up! The number of participants is limited.

30 october 2016
Inferno Quest
Truda Sqr

We invite you to participate in the intellectual quest based on Inferno by Dan Brown and organized by the Student Scientific Association!

Meeting place: Truda Sqr., opposite Yaroslavl State Circus
Meeting time: 30 October, 17:00
You can find all the details about necessary equipment in the attached files.
Participation fee: 500 ₽ per team.

30 september 2016 –
2 october 2016
Sailfish OS Training and Hackathon

The Open Mobile Platform Company and the FRUCT Association invite everyone wishing to take part in trainings and hackathons on developments for Sailfish OS.
The training will be held in Yaroslavl on 30 September and will last until 2 October after the training.

During one day the participants of the training will learn about everything needed for starting the independent app development for Sailfish OS. These events will be interesting for both beginners and professionals. Developers of mobile devices will learn about methods and features of creating apps for Sailfish OS. The Qt and QML specialists will learn how to apply their experience to programming smartphones and tablets. The beginners will acquire knowledge in the Sailfish Platform and will practice in app development.

The hackathon is a competition on developments for Sailfish OS: apps, games and modifications of the operating system. This is a good opportunity to show and improve your skills, interact and work with like-minded fellows and set up a team. The participants of Sailfish OS Hakathon are offered to fulfill their ideas into the operating prototype during two days. The developers of the best projects will be rewarded with up-to-date devices supporting Sailfish OS.

The participation in trainings and hackathons is free due to the preliminary registration on the website:

14 september 2016
Meeting with Representatives of Yaroslavl Business Incubator

The Student Scientific Association invites students of all years of study and all academic departments to visit a meeting with the representatives of Yaroslavl Business Incubator!
The meeting will be held in room 215 of the 7th building at 14:30 on 14 September.

The following representatives are invited to the meeting:

1. Svetlana Urnysheva, a deputy director of Yaroslavl Business Incubator
"Presentation of Young Entrepreneur Support Program"
2. Maksim Ponomarev, a head of the state support department of Yaroslavl Business Incubator
"School of Business"
3. Polina Lebedeva, a project manager of Yaroslavl Business Incubator
"National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN)"

The meeting will become a launch of the large project carried out in conjunction with Yaroslavl Business Incubator that will help the students developing their skills in the business sphere. Those who want to be a participant of this project are insistently recommended to visit this event and have an opportunity to learn about all the topical details.
We look forward to seeing you! That will be very interesting!