Meeting with Representatives of Yaroslavl Business Incubator

14 september 2016 14:30–18:00
The Student Scientific Association invites students of all years of study and all academic departments to visit a meeting with the representatives of Yaroslavl Business Incubator!
The meeting will be held in room 215 of the 7th building at 14:30 on 14 September.

The following representatives are invited to the meeting:

1. Svetlana Urnysheva, a deputy director of Yaroslavl Business Incubator
"Presentation of Young Entrepreneur Support Program"
2. Maksim Ponomarev, a head of the state support department of Yaroslavl Business Incubator
"School of Business"
3. Polina Lebedeva, a project manager of Yaroslavl Business Incubator
"National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN)"

The meeting will become a launch of the large project carried out in conjunction with Yaroslavl Business Incubator that will help the students developing their skills in the business sphere. Those who want to be a participant of this project are insistently recommended to visit this event and have an opportunity to learn about all the topical details.
We look forward to seeing you! That will be very interesting!