Sailfish OS Training and Hackathon

30 september 2016 – 2 october 2016 13:00–18:00
The Open Mobile Platform Company and the FRUCT Association invite everyone wishing to take part in trainings and hackathons on developments for Sailfish OS.
The training will be held in Yaroslavl on 30 September and will last until 2 October after the training.

During one day the participants of the training will learn about everything needed for starting the independent app development for Sailfish OS. These events will be interesting for both beginners and professionals. Developers of mobile devices will learn about methods and features of creating apps for Sailfish OS. The Qt and QML specialists will learn how to apply their experience to programming smartphones and tablets. The beginners will acquire knowledge in the Sailfish Platform and will practice in app development.

The hackathon is a competition on developments for Sailfish OS: apps, games and modifications of the operating system. This is a good opportunity to show and improve your skills, interact and work with like-minded fellows and set up a team. The participants of Sailfish OS Hakathon are offered to fulfill their ideas into the operating prototype during two days. The developers of the best projects will be rewarded with up-to-date devices supporting Sailfish OS.

The participation in trainings and hackathons is free due to the preliminary registration on the website: